Essential Oils & Hydrosols


We are in the process of updating our website. This section on essential oils and hydrosols will be expanded and renewed over the next couple of months.

This  renewal will coincide with the release of our 2017 oils at approximately the end of August.

All current products are available online now.

Rosy in Amber



With a joie de vive inherent in the aromatic vivacity of our ‘rosy’ essential oil blend, and, in the vibrant and colourful ‘boho’ aesthetic of the labels, the Rosy in Amber range of botanical skincare is for those who embrace the colour of life and its earthly bounties.

From our early days of selling botanical skin and personal care formulations at markets and festivals, the Rosy range has been a favourite with our customers. The Rosy in Amber collection has developed out of this popularity as a standalone range centred on our blending of the uniquely gentle essential oils: Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Snowy River Lavender, Rosalina and Rose Maroc Absolute.  With a beautiful complex ‘rosy’ fragrance, this blend of essential oils are also the potent heart within each formulation, possessing revitalising, regenerative and harmonising benefits of care for skin and hair.

The special vitality of these essential oils is further supported in each formulation by various premium hydrosols, plant oils, butters and extracts. The outcome is authentic botanical products which are beneficial for all skin types with special benefits for skin (young and mature) which has become dry, damaged, inflamed or unbalanced.

Rosy in Amber is an artisan range of care products, formulated and crafted in Majesse Aromatherapy Studio. We produce this range in short runs so we can bring them to you with ingredients at their optimum, maximising the benefit to you.

The Rosy in Amber collection is now available in our online shop.

Vera Maj-esse




Latin in origin, ’Vera’, is another word for true. Lavandula angustifolia, is also known as Lavandula Vera, or ‘True Lavender’. Vera Maj-esse is a premium and comprehensive range of botanical skin care products where the beauty and bio-active benefits of ‘true lavender’ essential oils and hydrosols are placed at the centre of each formulation. Maj-esse denotes the exclusive provenance of the ‘true lavender’ products and is our unique signature of quality and the essential oils and hydrosols distilled from the flowering spikes have bestowed it a premiere position within the practices of aromatherapy and importantly these therapeutic potentials transfer seamlessly and effectively into cosmetic and care formulations to assist with skin hygiene, balance, vitality restoration and rejuvenation.

For Maj-esse Aromatherapy Studio, as subsidiary to the farm and distillery at Snowy River Lavender, this means that lavender, the essential oil, hydrosol and also, the honey derived from its flowers, are variously centred within each Vera Maj-esse formulation and this. The inherent gentleness of lavender, alongside its broad spectrum of potential effects, makes it a genuine option for all skin types, including mature and sensitive and oily skins and allows for many applications of use.