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Lavandin Essential Oil – L. x intermedia Foundation  IMG 2Lavandin Essential Oil – L. x intermedia Foundation  IMG 3Lavandin Essential Oil – L. x intermedia Foundation  IMG 4

Lavandin Essential Oil – L. x intermedia Foundation


‘Foundation’ lavandin oil is a hand blend of Snowy River Lavender’s five foundation cultivars: Abriallis, Grosso, Margaret, Sumian and Super.  Essential Oil from each of these cultivars is combined, rebottled and cellared.  This method produces a beautifully balanced and classically structured essential oil with significant levels of both linalool and linalyl acetate (51%) still with interesting and distinct contributions from each cultivars.


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Product Description

PROVENANCE: All essential oil presented for sale under the SNOWY RIVER LAVENDER label are 100% the pure steam distilled product of plants grown and cared for on Majesse Estate a high altitude property located in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales.  All plants are grown using ecological farming methods where the complexity of the natural environment is respected and nurtured strictly free from artificial chemical inputs.  All distillations take place at high altitude (1100m) using boutique distillation methods: completed run, non-homogenised & 12 month cellaring.


BOTANICAL SPECIFICATION: Lavandula x intermedia ‘Foundation’ – cultivar blend (Abriallis, Grosso, Margaret, Sumian & Super)

CURRENT RELEASE: 2018 Distillations


2014 SAMPLE GC/MS DATA:  linalool 27.82 • linalyl acetate 23.65 • lavandulol 0.11•  lavandulyl acetate 1.03 • limonene/ ß-phellandrene 2.04 • octen-3-ol  0.21 • 1,8-cineole 12.33  • myrcene 0.81 • α pinene 0.97 • β pinene 1.11  cis-ß-ocimene 3.54 • trans-ß-ocimene 1.26 •  3-octanone 0.21• octen-3-yl acetate 0.28 • 3-octyl acetate 0.04  geranyl acetate 0.33 • neryl acetate 0.15 • camphor 10.94 • borneol  2.80 • geraniol 0.18 • terpinen-4-ol 0.45 • α- terpineol  0.78 • ß – caryophyllene 1.52 • (E)-beta-farsenene 0.84

CARE:  Store dark, cool (<25°c) and airtight. 

CAUTIONS: Essential oils are highly concentrated substances best used diluted in carrier oil, gel or cream. Commonly used dilutions are 0.5 -1% for the face care, 1-3% for the body care (1% dilution = 1 mL EO /100mL Carrier / 1 mL = 20 drops).  ).  Lavandin oils are antiseptic and can also be used neat in small specific applications, such as on insect bites, scratches and pimples etc.  Lavandin is also regarded as refreshing and stimulating and may assist as a ‘breathe easy’ or in a muscle rub.  If personal sensitivities arise cease use immediately. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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