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Aloe Serum- 60mL


Aloe Vera Serum features the soothing beauty & skin balancing power of organic aloe vera.  Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) bears a broad spectrum of value for skincare: as a nutrient, humectant; emollient enhancer; an astringent, skin revitaliser and pH restorer (based on the pH similarity with the skins protective acid mantle – pH 4-5).  Lavender and rose hydrosol also naturally acidic, enhance the astringent, hydrating and protective properties as well as assisting aloe’s skin enlivening and firming qualities. These beneficial qualities mean aloe serum can be used either: as supplement to your daily skincare as a gentle cleanser or as a leave on skin firming conditioner. As a more intensive treatment, it may be of use in soothing irritated & inflamed skin, and for clearing, unclogging & soothing acne prone or problem skin. This gel may also be of assistance in relieving the symptoms of minor wounds, scratches, burns including sunburn, Seek qualified advice if symptoms persist and cease use if personal sensitivities arise. External Use Only 

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Product Description

Vera Maj-esse – Lavender True Skincare

Vera is another word for True.  Lavandula angustifolia is also known as Lavandula Vera, or True Lavender, and, the essential oils and hydrosols distilled from its flowering spikes are widely revered not only for their aromatic beauty but also for the many beneficial qualities they have for our beauty, health and wellbeing. At the heart of every formulation in our Vera Maj-esse range of 100% botanical skincare is the fragrant beauty & special vitality of L. angustifolia  essential oils & hydrosols we distil from the lavender flowers growing on Majesse Estate home of Snowy River Lavender


INGREDIENTS: Lavender Hydrosol (L. angustifolia –c.v.  Bee & Maillette)•, Rose Hydrosol* (Rosa damascena), Aloe Vera Powder 200:1 (Aloe barbadensis Miller)*, Lavender Honey• Silc Oliv (Hydrogenated Ethyhexyl Olivate (and Hydrogenated Olive Oil) Guar Gum*, Carageneen, Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, (Preservative), Caprylic/capric glucoside, Capryly/Capryl glucoside (Solubilisers) Lavender Essential Oil • ( L. angustifolia –c.v.  Bee & Maillette) (EOC 1 %). (*denotes Certified Organic)   (• denotes product of SRL).

PACKAGING: Clear Glass Bottle 60mL | Matt Silver & Natural Liquid Pump

DIMENSIONS: Height: 115mm |Ø40