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Lavender Hydrosol – L. angustifolia v. Pacific Blue


Hydrosol from the Pacific Blue cultivar has an herbaceous peppery front note and a green freshness which pushes the piquant honey notes typical of most angustifolia cultivars into a secondary role as a sweet undertow and finish.  Lavender hydrosols are gently soothing, mildly antiseptic and relaxing. 

Hydrosols are the pure co-product, with essential oil, of distillation processes. Hydrosol has both minute residues of essential oil and of itself more of the soluble chemistry of the plant and therefore has its own chemistry and aroma with its own unique value of use. Lavender hydrosol is valuable as a personal misting spray, its acidic nature (< 4.5 pH) allowing it to work gently with the acid mantle of the hair and skin to freshen, relax, hydrate and tone. Hydrosol is also a beautiful inclusion in skin and hair care formulations, for handcrafted soaps and is also a natural deodorizer and cleanser.

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Product Description

PROVENANCE: All hydrosols presented for sale under the SNOWY RIVER LAVENDER label are 100% the pure steam distilled product of plants grown and cared for on Majesse Estate a high altitude property located in the Snowy Mountains region of New South Wales.  All plants are grown using ecological farming methods where the complexity of the natural environment is respected and nurtured strictly free from artificial chemical inputs.  All distillations take place at high altitude (1100m) using boutique distillation methods: completed run, non-homogenised and 12 month cellaring.


BOTANICAL SPECIFICATION: Lavandula angustifolia Pacific Blue

CURRENT RELEASE: 2018 Distillations


2015 pH at Distillation:  3.4 -3.9

CARE:  Store cool (<25°c) and airtight, minimize unnecessary handling.  

CAUTIONS: Our hydrosols are 100% pure steam distilled products. We do not add any preservatives.  If kept well we have found our lavender hydrosol has a shelf life of well beyond 2 years from its distillation.  When a hydrosol is past its best a discoloration occurs, a microbial plume will usually appear, the smell will go off and acidity is reduced.  When these indicators are present it is best to discard the hydrosol.  If personal sensitivities arise cease use immediately.

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Hydrosol Volume

125ml with atomiser, 500ml/capped, 1L/capped, 250ml with atomiser, 5L/Jerry Can